Chinese food has got to be my favorite type of food. And honestly, I think I have more of a veggie intake when I do consume Chinese food. As a kid, my family used to go to a local Chinese place called “Lims Cafe” as a kid. That was the ONLY Chinese restaurant we would go to as well. Eventually, due to my dads diet that became the only restaurant we would go to as well. As much as I loved it there, not being able to go ANYWHERE else was kind of old.

So, when I got with my husband, the first restaurant we went to was a Chinese restaurant. And on our dates after that, a lot of time it was a Chinese restaurant. It wasn’t until I was with him that I started to Love broccoli beef. Broccoli raw was okay and all, but with the beef juices soaking into the florets of the broccoli gave it this addicting and flavorful taste that I immediately got addicted to. I had to learn how to make it myself. It just included broccoli, beef and a sauce. How hard can it be?

For this Recipe you will need:


Beef strips (stir fry meat is what I normally use)

2 TBSP Soy Sauce

¾ cup Water (or beef stock)

2 TSP Corn starch

Rice (optional, but delicious)

First, I like to season the meat however I so desire before cooking it. In this instance, I like using Salt, Pepper, Garlic powder, onion powder and ginger. I toss the meat in that before putting some veggie oil in a wok and browning the meat. While this is happening, I’ve got the rice cooking. Because lets face it. At the end of the day, sometimes you need dinner done quickly. When the meat is browned, I make the sauce. Add the soy sauce, water and cornstarch and stir it up real well. Add the sauce. And then the broccoli. I really do not like the broccoli cooked that much, I enjoy the bit of crunch it still has so I only cook the broccoli long enough for the sauce to thicken, and for myself to get the table ready. Once that is all done, I put everything in a serving bowl and call my family for dinner. Yes ladies, it is THAT easy.

I’m hoping to continue to learn how to make the Chinese food I desire. Egg Fu Yong, Teryaki Chicken, Moo Go Gia Pan (sp??). Its all delicious, and full of veggies.