Recently, I felt like my sewing skills had gotten better, so I tried my hand at inventing a purse. I am a little like my grandmother in the aspect that she can see something and get a good idea on how to do it if not entirely do it better and different. Its a jean purse, and it had a cute little scarf in the belt-loops for decoration. It was so adorable! I figured I would just use an old pair of pants that were too big to make it with.

When my grandmother would get a pattern for something, she would throw the instructions away. Seriously. She did the dude thing man! As a kid and teenager I just chocked it up to the Stubborn, proud Brooks attitude. We were smart enough to figure it out on our own, we didn’t need no damn instructions! They didn’t anyway. I still do.

Going back to the bag though, It was more of a pain in the butt than it needed to be, and its still not even done because I’m not happy with the handles. I’m going to cheat and go explore joannes next time I have time and money and see what they have. I still need a seam ripper for lizzies dress anyway so I’ll kill two birds with one stone.

The first thing I did to get to where I am now however, was cut the pants right below the pocket. I have one pair of scissors that I have to use for gardening and sewing so its getting to be a pain in the rear to cut jean with but I think I just need to break down and get a sewing pair and gardening pair. Once I cut it though, I sewed the bottom so it was starting to be more like a purse already. That same day I had been given two rolls of Tullile from my moms friend, so I cut some of it and used it instead of a scarf for the belt-loops. It looks cute. Not necessarily something I would carry around, but still cute.

The next part I wasn’t sure how it was going to get done. I cut the pants legs in half near the seam since I didn’t have a seam ripper (otherwise just getting that seam out I’m sure would have been the better route. I cut what were to be the straps at the size I thought I needed them and started sewing. As I type this I can already think of ways in which I could improve upon the jean strap idea, but I’d still need at LEAST a seam ripper. Ideally, I’d also like some kind of hot glue gun with like flower appliqués to put on the strap. Or really just something that would go well to help decorate it.

I’ll update this post whenever I periodocally work on this project, being a work in progress. I’ll make sure to link this one to any future ones and all that jazz too. But for now, I’m stumped. I pretty much have to go to joannes sometime and lord knows when I’ll have the time. 20 days though, and its summer break. Just 20 more days.