As a little girl, whenever we visited my grandparents, on either side really, we always ate out of the garden. My mom and grandma would pick veggies and fruits, and my mom would putter in the garden with my grandmother. She adored her plants. Her yard was both child friendly AND beautiful from what I remember. The days the cancer sapped her energy really killed her. But she sill found a way to at least be in her garden and embrace its beauty.


This is my Cayenne Pepper plant 

In the days of city living, and how easy it is to by produce weather at a farmers market or in a normal grocery store, its so easy to acquire people forget about the pleasure one gets from doing the work to put in a garden, and enjoying all the fruits of your labor. There is really nothing more rewarding than planting a garden, and watching it grow with your care and loving.

Living out of the city has really shown me that. I’m lucky enough to have found a house just outside the city limits. And while you can still tell your still close to the big city, you have nature all around you in the area I live that its also easy to forget at the same time (if I’m even explaining this correctly?!)


My Peas! Somewhere in here, I have an actual pea starting to form

When we first moved here, I wanted to start making my yard pretty immediate. Slowly, I’ve been able to get the resources I so desire. First, I started with easy things. Lettuce, Onions. And then once I was able to take care of them (and bring them back from a deer’s snack…) I then had the confidence to try my first summer garden. Mostly with veggies my family would use the most. Cayenne Pepper, Tomatoes, Basil, Parsley, Strawberries, and I even have some volunteer Carrots coming up! Next on the agenda now that I have it all put in is to get some kind of covering. I’m thinking Hay or bark. I’ve yet to decide. Maybe even just a nice potting soil. Then its making labels for the garden. I’ve found rather cute ideas on pintrest, now its just deciding what one I wanna do !

Another thing I’d like to get into is harvesting. Not just anything either, but like going out in the wild, and learning what you can harvest, and what you can use them for. I’ve been starting quite small, what with harvesting the wild onions my mom always gets in her yard come springtime. I’ll use them in place of regular store bought onions as much as I can until I’ve picked them all.


Strawberries! I doubt I will harvest many for the simple fact that my daughter will probably eat it all. 

I look forward this summer. I plan on not only making my garden and back yard beautiful, but I also plan on harvesting a lot of delicious fruits and veggies and having many new experiences. I have so many ideas I can’t wait to put into action.