Tonight for dinner, I found a recipe on-line that involves my two most favorite meals. Pasta and Tacos. Its called Taco Pasta. It involves really basic ingredients and it doesn’t take long to make at all. I don’t have all the ingredients for classic tacos but I had all the ingredients for Taco Pasta (including the cheese for once too!)


1 Lb Ground Beef

8oz uncooked Pasta (elbow or Rotinni, I’m using Elbow)

1 Can corn

1 can tomatoes

1 ½ cups of water

1 Cup shredded cheddar cheese

1 package taco seasoning (aprox 2 tbsp)

This is a first time making this recipe for my family. I’ve got no idea how they will like it. My husband is not a huge pasta or taco fan, and my daughter, well. She just likes food. However. If she doesn’t like it she will make it known. Life with a five year old though right? As I look at this recipe which I found in a cookbook, I think about ways I’d like to change it. Sour cream when served sounded good. Maybe some hot sauce for those who enjoy it.


I didn’t have a lid when I put the pasta in. So I used foil. 


Well… I’ve made the Taco Pasta. It, was ok. It reminded me a lot of Chili Mac. But it was easy, and while I found out the hard way I didn’t have all the ingredients, it still turned out pretty delicious. I didn’t have a can of tomatoes like I thought I did, so I used Prego Pasta sauce. Gave it the same concept, but without the tomatoes I noticed. I didn’t have a “can” of corn so I just cut some off the cob that my father in law bbqed. So in a way, I used more leftovers in this dish which turned out to be a pretty good thing.

The family enjoyed it. Husband put on some hot sauce and scarfed it down quick. My daughter thought it was a little spicy, so I probably over did it a tiny bit on the taco seasoning. I served it with some celery and put some parsley on top for color (although next time if I happen to have Cilantro I’m going to try it with cilantro over the top.)


I think I have some work to do with this recipe. Ideas to play with and such. If I ever improve it I’ll letcha all know what I did to do that.