In my first day of sewing class in high school, we made a pillow case. As the teacher explained, it only involved four stitches and it was done quickly. This way we were able to learn the machine.


Fabric (I always get 2 yards. Better to have too much than too little)


Sewing Machine



Frills (optional)

A pillow case is one of the best things to learn how to make and practice with as a beginner seamstress. Its easy, and its like the tote bags in a sense, whereas once your good, you can challenge yourself by making them different, and better! And not only that if your like me and have problems keeping seams straight, its a really good way to work on making them straight.

The first step is to make sure you have right sides together on the inside, with the fold of the fabric to your tummy. You will not be cutting this fold, and you will probably see and understand why here shortly. Make sure everything is even, and Iron what will become the pillowcase. I also recommend pinning it, just to be safe. Epically if your a beginner. Once this is all done, go to your machine and Sew three sides together. Obviously you will need one side open for the you know….pillow.


This is Right Sides together on the inside.


Once you have sewn the three sides, you still aren’t quite done yet. Now we are going to be hemming the top, making a nice looking fold to it (and you can later add lace or w/e you want to this nice little fold, but for a super beginner, or moms teaching their children to sew, meh, I’d skip it for now. Anyways, when I make my hem on my pillowcase I normally go for at least an inch. I fold it down, iron it and pin it, just like you did with the sides. After that, sew the hem. After this step is where you would put and frill’s on it or ect. Its about a 30 minute project approximately. Maybe a little longer if its your first time. You will get faster as you make them though.