Recently, I was a working mom, going to college, while also trying to start a business and be crafty. That was the life I lived for the last 3 years. The reality was though, that I didn’t have time for anything but work, and homework. Once I was all done with that the last thing I wanted to do was craft anything! Yes it interested me but at the same time I was so tired I just wanted to relax with my husband.


But then I had three classes left. I could see the light at the end of what had been an extremely long tunnel. And then I was stuck with information: It was going to cost me over $2,000 to just receive my diploma. Oh sure I could still finish my classes. But it wouldn’t be changing the fact that I wouldn’t be an official college graduate until I paid the fee in full. There was no way I could swing that kinda cash. If I could my husband and I would have two vehicles!

I was stuck with a pretty hard decision. Take out yet ANOTHER loan. Or just drop out. I could easily see my time being spent on better things. Getting my photography business up and going. Crafting more, being an artist and just generally being happier. It seemed like a no- brainier at that point. Now, when I manage my time correctly, I have time for everything I want to do! Sew some bags for a craft fair? SURE! I can do that in the morning and then when it gets warm, go work in my garden! All while thinking about what to do for dinner that night. If I’m at work, I can work on these blog posts for this and my photography blog at my lunch hour!

I’m however not going to pretend I’m perfect in any way. I struggle a lot. I haven’t sewn much since high school and my skills are rather rusty. I never paid attention while helping my mom, aunt and grandmother garden, so I’ve had a few gardens die on me. And my cooking, while probably my best skill, I could probably work on some of my techniques. In the upcoming posts, you will find how I’ve sewn a few basic things to sharpen my sewing skills, you will see what I hope to be harvesting in my garden this summer, and maybe I’ll share some of the The Lemke Family nightly cuisine. So sit back, put on your glasses (If you are blind like me and need them) and enjoy seeing my struggle as I sharpen these simple skills.