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April 2017

Tip-Toe Through my Garden

As a little girl, whenever we visited my grandparents, on either side really, we always ate out of the garden. My mom and grandma would pick veggies and fruits, and my mom would putter in the garden with my grandmother…. Continue Reading →

Taco Pasta

Tonight for dinner, I found a recipe on-line that involves my two most favorite meals. Pasta and Tacos. Its called Taco Pasta. It involves really basic ingredients and it doesn’t take long to make at all. I don’t have all… Continue Reading →

Beginners Pillow Case

In my first day of sewing class in high school, we made a pillow case. As the teacher explained, it only involved four stitches and it was done quickly. This way we were able to learn the machine. MATERIALS YOU… Continue Reading →

Simple Tote

When I was a teenager, in my big sewing times. I got good at making these cute tote bags. They were rather basic but had the potential to become rather complex, which is what I enjoyed about it. At first… Continue Reading →

Welcome fellow Crafters!

Recently, I was a working mom, going to college, while also trying to start a business and be crafty. That was the life I lived for the last 3 years. The reality was though, that I didn’t have time for… Continue Reading →

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